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    CAD/CAE Symbols

    Microchip and Accelerated Designs Inc. have collaborated together to provide Microchip customers with schematic symbols and PCB footprints for Microchip products

    Both PCB footprints and schematic symbols are available for download in a vendor neutral format which can then be exported to the leading EDA CAD/CAE design tools using the Ultra Librarian Reader. The reader is available for free download below. Learn more about the Ultra Librarian.

    The UL Reader is a subset of the Ultra Librarian toolset that can generate, import, and export components and their attributes in virtually any EDA CAD/CAE format. Footprints generated by the UL Reader are based on the IPC-7351 specification. In addition, the components (both symbol and footprint) can be modified to meet a user-defined standard using a purchased upgrade to the Ultra Librarian. Learn more about upgrading.

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    Providing components based on parametric data through the Ultra Librarian Reader will allow Microchip customers to reliably create consistent quality CAD entities to an established standard with minimal effort. It is anticipated that this free download service will save Microchip's customers significant time. 

    The Ultra Librarian software is a free downloadable reader which allows the user to view the 'bxl' files. It also allows you to export these symbols and footprints in to other CAD tools using the Ultra Librarian software.

    Step 1: - Download and install the Ultra Librarian software
    Step 2: - Download the zip file for the desired product family
    Step 3: - Open the zip file and find the desired part and open the file to start the Ultra Librarian software

    CAD/EDA schematic symbol models, footprint models and layout models are available in the following formats:


    • Altium Protel
    • Altium PCAD
    • Altium Designer
    • Cadence Allegro DE HDL ( Concept )
    • Cadence Orcad Capture
    • Cadsoft Eagle
    • Mentor DxDesigner
    • Mentor Design Capture
    • Mentor Design Architect
    • Mentor PowerLogic


    • Altium Protel
    • Altium PCAD
    • Altium Designer
    • Cadence Orcad Layout
    • Cadence Orcad PCB Editor
    • Cadence Allegro
    • Cadsoft Eagle
    • Mentor Boardstation
    • Mentor PowerPCB ( PADS )
    • Mentor Expedition
    TitleDate PublishedSize
    ADC - Delta Sigma - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols6/15/2010456 KB
    ADC - Others - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/20082418 KB
    ADC - SAR - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/2008727 KB
    AY0438 CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/200867 KB
    Battery Chargers CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols3/2/2010747 KB
    Battery Monitoring - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/201685473 KB
    Boost - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/2016456 KB
    Buck - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/20162418 KB
    CAN CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/2008332 KB
    Charge Pumps - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/20081166 KB
    Comparators - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/2008564 KB
    DAC - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols7/23/2010895 KB
    DC/DC Converter - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/2016727 KB
    Digital Potentiometers - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols2/8/20102885 KB
    dsPIC33C CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols7/23/20185.7 MB
    dsPIC33F CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols11/10/201211755 KB
    EL Driver - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/201667 KB
    ENC CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols5/31/2012286 KB
    Energy Meter - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/2008133 KB
    FET Drivers - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols3/2/20104911 KB
    Fullbridge MOSFET Driver - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/2016747 KB
    GPIO - Port Expanders - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols1/19/2010758 KB
    HCSxx CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/2008654 KB
    Halfbridge MOSFET Driver - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/2016332 KB
    Highspeed Termination - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/20161166 KB
    IrDA Devices - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/2008355 KB
    LDO - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/2016564 KB
    LED Drivers - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/2016895 KB
    LIN Devices - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/2008139 KB
    Memory 24xx CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/20085365 KB
    Memory 25xx CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols11/6/20143178 KB
    Memory 93xx CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/20086719 KB
    MOSFET Drivers - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/20162885 KB
    Op Amps - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/19/20136562 KB
    PGA - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/2008588 KB
    PIC10 CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols4/25/2012432 KB
    PIC12 CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols4/25/20121668 KB
    PIC14 CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/2008114 KB
    PIC16C CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/20089852 KB
    PIC16F CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols4/6/201727442 KB
    PIC16HV CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols4/6/2017579 KB
    PIC17 CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/20081783 KB
    PIC18 CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols4/6/201725810 KB
    PIC24F CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols12/16/201312492 KB
    PIC32 CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/15/201211896 KB
    PWM Controllers - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/2008133 KB
    rfPIC & MRF CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols1/14/2013652 KB
    Supervisors - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/20081149 KB
    Switchers - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols3/2/2010813 KB
    Temperature Sensors - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/20081421 KB
    Voltage References - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols10/10/200865 KB
    dsPIC30F CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols4/6/20112468 KB
    dsPIC33E and PIC24E CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols11/6/20143111 KB
    PIC24H CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols4/6/20114655 KB
    Safety & Security CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols11/12/2010315 KB
    High Voltage Interface CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols2/4/2016113 KB
    Ultrasound CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols4/13/201668 KB
    Ultra Librarian Installer Program for CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/26/201485473 KB
    uP Reset Circuits - CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols9/13/201611755 KB
    Power Management LDO Regulators CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols2/8/2016168 KB
    Power Management Switching Regulators CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols2/8/20161.5 MB
    Hybrid PWM Controllers CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols3/22/2016485 KB