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    MPLAB® XC Compilers


    Available as free, unrestricted-use downloads, our award-winning MPLAB® XC C Compilers are comprehensive solutions for your project’s software development. Finding the right compiler to support your device is simple:

    • MPLAB XC8 supports all 8-bit PIC® and AVR® microcontrollers (MCUs)
    • MPLAB XC16 supports all 16-bit PIC MCUs and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs)
    • MPLAB XC32/32++ supports all 32-bit PIC and SAM MCUs and MPUs

    Note for macOS® and 32-bit OS users: The latest version of macOS, 10.15 Catalina, removes support for 32-bit applications. This means that current versions of MPLAB XC32/32++ and MPLAB XC16 IDE will not run on this operating system. To run 32-bit applications, Apple unofficially recommends either that you keep an old Mac® computer on hand that runs a pre-Catalina version of macOS or that you partition your current Mac computer so that it can start up with an older macOS version as well as Catalina.

    Microchip is actively working to update MPLAB XC16 and XC32 to be 64-bit applications. When the 64-bit versions are released, the toolchains will no longer run on 32-bit operating systems. We expect to release 64-bit versions of MPLAB XC16 and XC32 within the first half of 2020.


    When combined with our free and award-winning MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the fully graphical frontend provides:

    • Editing errors and breakpoints that match corresponding lines in the source code
    • Single stepping through C and C++ (C++ only available in MPLAB XC32++ compilers) source code to inspect variables and structures at critical points
    • Data structures with defined data types, including floating point, display in watch windows




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    MPLAB XC Compiler Choices

    Watch our MPLAB XC Compiler Family Webinar to learn more about the features and capabilities of these compilers.

    MPLAB XC Compiler Optimizations

    The optimizations found on MPLAB XC C Compilers provide code size reductions and speed enhancements that benefit your design projects. PRO license is available for designs that require maximum code reductions and best performance. The MPLAB XC C Compiler contains a free, 60-day trial of a PRO license for evaluation when activated. 

    MPLAB XC C Compiler Licenses – Go PRO

    Need to optimize your code size reduction or get better speed from your project’s software? PRO licenses are available to unlock the full potential of the MPLAB XC C compiler’s advanced-level optimizations. See our list of flexible licensing options in the Features section below.

    MPLAB Code Coverage

    Measure how well your code is tested using MPLAB Code Coverage. This licensed feature is available in all MPLAB XC Compilers and is fully integrated into MPLAB X IDE to provide analytical and navigational tools, dashboards, summaries and reports.